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Ground-Up Builds

JJR can build your car from the ground up with multiple options and upgrades to fit your budget and driving ability. We can cater your build to fit the requirements of specific race groups and race governing bodies.

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Restoration Services

John James Racing can provide concourse level restorations and specialized restoration services for all Porsche models.

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Have an `87 and want it to look like a `73? We can do that. A backdate gives you the best of both worlds, a more modern drivetrain with the timeless styling of the long-hood cars.

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Looking for exceptional fabrication and customization services for your Porsche? We can build you roll cages to meet PCA, SCCA, and FIA specs. Custom oil cooler/tank mounting and plumbing. Fiberglass and carbon fiber panel installations, and more. We also do structural and rust repair.

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Upgrades and Track prep

Looking for performance and suspension upgrades for the track? Give us a call and we can discuss some options that can make your car perform better on the track.

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Restomod (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from all the amazing advancements in automobile technology over the past 40+ years to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the classic car.

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