Who we are

John James Racing was started by Jim Hendrix in 1975 as the owner of Porsche Only.  After two years, long time friend Jack Doverspike joined him to create a facility that maintained and restored Porsche’s.  In just a few short years, Porsche Only became one of the largest independent facilities in the Southwest.  Vintage racing was just starting in the late 1970’s and after being commissioned to restore a 1965 Matich and a 1966 LOLA T-70 MKII, JJR became heavily involved in vintage race car restoration.  Over the next few years, numerous LOLA’s, McLarens, Porsches, and McKee’s filled up the shop including Brian Redman’s world championship IMSA GTP LOLA T-600.  After winning numerous shows nationwide and gracing the cover of Road and Track Magazine with one of our LOLA T-70 MKIII coupe’s, Jim Hendrix sold his half of Porsche Only to his partner and entered the corporate world.

After a leave of absence from the racing scene, John James Racing started up again in 1998 as a small racing shop for building and restoration of vintage race cars.  Soon thereafter, Porsches, LOLA’s, Chevrons, McKee’s, and numerous Lotus’ filled the shop again.  After the careful replication of the Porsche 911 RSR IMSA GT (Jim’s personal race car), tremendous interest was generated over this particular vintage car. To date, John James Racing has over 35 cars on the track from South Africa to Germany and is currently building two replicated 962’s.

John James Racing is a small family run operation with son Sean and brother Phil.  You can find us participating at many vintage race events throughout the country.