Restomod (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from all the amazing advancements in automobile technology over the past 40+ years to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the classic car. A restomod car has the timeless appearance of the original, but the outdated guts of the car have been replaced with the more modern, high-performance parts of today. You achieve the same great look, but your vintage car will be revved up with all the latest bells and whistles to create a much better ride for the owner.

Additional features and additions such as center hood filler, upgraded air conditioner, and oil coolers can be added to compliment the build.

Race inspired but street functional interior that features a full cage and fire bottle.

An upgraded suspension platform that focuses on performance yet gives you the feel of an every day driver.

A modified power plant and exhaust/cooling system that gives you the the time period correct sound and look, but drivability and performance of your favorite classic car.